School Water Model Competition Event

The Westmoreland Municipal Corporation, Project Management Unit held it’s School Water Model Competition under the Local Government Adapting to Climate Change project on June 6, 2019 at the Seaford Town Primary and Infant School. The Competition was designed to improve institutional capacity to promote and enforce climate-resilient freshwater and storm water management. Primary School students were targeted as a means of getting the desired change needed to be seen in the parish as they are more impressionable and quicker to accept changes. It also provided a platform for them to display their talents. Three schools entered the competition:

  1. Kings primary
  2. Seaford Town Primary
  3. New Works Primary

The themes for the competition are as follows:

  1. Healthy Water, Healthy You
  2. Smart Management of water assets
  3. Treat water right, so it can treat you right
  4. Increase your knowledge, Improve your supply
  5. The Water Business – Improve quality, improve supplies

Below are pictures of the models that were displayed at the event:

New Works Primary School presented there model under the theme “Smart Management of Water Assets.” The model showcases the New Works School Community where it
displayed a rainwater harvesting system for the primary and infant school, and a greenhouse.

Kings Primary School presented there model under the theme “Healthy Water, Healthy You.” It was a model showing a comparison between two communities, 
Community A-Healthy Community with healthy practices
Community B- Unhealthy community, unhealthy practices.

Seaford Town Primary and Infant School presented there model under the theme “Healthy Water, Healthy You.” The model showcases different methods of water purification
and water collection.