Division Achievements


  • Repairs to sea-wall in West End, Negril
  • Repairs to side-walk at the Negril round about
  • Cleaning of verges and several drains in the division
  • Building and fencing of hard-court in Negril.
  • Preparing playfield and area for mini-stadium
  • Road Rehabilitation in:
    • Brighton
    • Dawes lane
    • West End
    • Wire Lane
    • House of Dread Lane

Pipe line / Fire Hydrant

  • Morgan’s River Bridge Via Geneva to New Town and Getto Geneva 4 inches of pipe line with two Fire Hydrants.
  • Playfield road Kings Valley (Carmen McGregor Drive) 2 inches pipe line.
  • Duckie Street 2 inches of pipe line. (Carmen McGregor Drive)

Roads Asphalting and Marling of Roadways.

  • Kings Valley – Asphalting 50% of Main Road (Lawton McKenzie Drive) with curb and channel “U” drain.
  • Marling & grading Kings Valley Road.
  •  Reinstatement of George Lai Road – Via Geneva to Getto and New Town.
  • Cleaning of River & Drains 
    • Allocation of Four Millions ($4,000.000.00) Dollars for drain cleaning in the division.
    • Cleaning Morgan’s River.
  • Employment of Student             -   August  2012           100 Students, December 2012         50 Students                                                        
  • Providing Employment               - To assist  80 persons in the division to wire their houses under- Rural Electrification Program.
  • Electrical Extension
    • Mitto lane extension – JPS    
    • Pat’s Beauty Parlor extension and installation of Street lights
    • Bobby’s Barber Shop extension andinstallation of street lights
    • Geneva Secondary line – JPS
    • Begger’s bush extension - JPS.  
  • Belle Isle Road to centre extension and installation of street light - JPS.
    • Linton Pen to Grant Street extension and installation of street lights  - JPS.
    • Mint Road to Peggy Barry extension and installation of street lights - JPS.
    • From Secondary to Mount Eagle extension  and installation of Street lights - JPS.
    • Grange Hill crossing to Glasco crossing  extension and Installation of Street Light JPS.
  • Rural Electrification Program
    • Duckie Street extension and installation of streetlights
    • Bucknor Lane electrical extension and installation of Street lights
    • Godfrey Street to Linton Pen electrical extension and installation of street lights -
    • Last Road Belle-Isle electrical extension and installation of  street lightsGeorge Lai Road electrical extension and installation  of street lights  
    • Herring Piece Secondary line –
    • Kings Valley Main Road (Lawton McKenzie Drive) Extension and secondary Line –
    • Playfield Road (Carmen McGregor Drive)  extension and installation street lights.
    • Kings Valley Playfield installing electrical wire  and poles for sport complex. 

Morgan’s River Bridge - Lobby money from National Works Agency to do repairs - National Works Agency.

  • National Solid Waste - To provide funds to purchase two skips and install them at 
    • Stand pipe           
    • Kings Valley crossing.       
  • Agriculture                                                                 
    • Lobby with Ministry of Agriculture for assistance to farmers (chicken, fertilizer, seeds and medication).


  • Section of Nile Road repaired at a cost exceeding $1.5 Million. Works include marling, cross drain construction and asphalting
  • Major drain cleaning exercise undertaken throughout the Division wherein the main drains were clean with the use of a Bantam. So far over 12 miles of drain and tributaries  have been cleaned valued at approximately $9.6million dollars 


1. Fabricate and install grills in Bleawarrie Primary school staff room.
2. Fabricate and install grills in Bath Mountian Community Center.
3. Painting one building at Mount Grace Junior High and Primary school.
4. Repair students bath rooms at Townhead Pimary School.
5. Extention and upgrading Townhead Early Childwood Building.
6. Complete 60 % of Hamity Mountian road.
7. Prepare the remainding 50 % of number 4 road Truro Back to be asphalt.
8. Construct and cover 50 % of a U drain that runs along side the Truro Playfield,
9. Bushing is ongoing .
10. Drian cleaning is ongoing.
11.Marling of road is ongoing.


  • Expansion and Repairs to Frome ECI
  • Expansion and Repairs to Haughton’s ECI
  • Expansion and Repairs to Banbury ECI
  • Expansion and Repairs to Hertford ECI
  • Expansion and Repairs to Techno Plus ECI
  • Repairs to Three Miles River ECI
  • As recognised by central Government, the need to improve our educational offerings is paramount to the improvement of the well being of our citizens. 


  • Expansion, Repairs and Equipping  of the Georges Plain Clinic. 


  • Construction of sidewalk  and Kerb drain at Three Miles River.
  • Construction and repair of sidewalk and kerb drains at vicinity of Community College / Post office in Frome, and at Ricketts River.
  • Construction and repair of sidewalk and kerb drain at Jane Marks, Georges Plain
  • Construction and repair of sidewalk and kerb drain at Wellington street, Hertford
  • Construction of concrete drain at Ackee Street in Fullersfield.


  • Construction of sidewalk and Kerb drain at Three Miles River.
  • Construction and repair of sidewalk and kerb drains at vicinity of Community College / Post office in Frome, and at Ricketts River.
  • Construction of “U" drain along the main road at Ricketts River.
  • Asphalting of Road at Bottom Street, Ricketts River.
  • To commence the construction of retaining wall in  drain on Wellington Street, Hertford


  • Road Patching from Three Miles River through Georges Plain, Frome to Toll Gate.
  • Road repairs from Amity Crossing through Banbury to Jane Marks to Georges Plain.
  • Road Patching from Oracabessa crossing through Hertford to Morass. 


  • Hatfield community center; refurbish
  • Strathbogie main; side walk/curb & channel
  • Meylers Avenue; curb & channel-asphalt
  • Lewis St. Godfrey Stewart school; sidewalk/curb & channel
  • Sharlene; sidewalk/curb & channel
  • Llandilo Ph3-4; asphalt
  • Llandilo Ph2-3; patching of road
  • Barracks Rd; Gully Bank drain cleaning & marling
  • Llandilo Ph6; marling
  • Back Amity; extention of pipe line
  • Gratto to Seven Acre; installing of pipe line
  • Llandilo Ph5; construction of bridge
  • On-going drain cleaning throughout division 

Parochial Revenue Fund Allocations

  • Construction of  box bridge - Ricketts  River Avenue  - 1.2. Million
  • Construction of U drain - Seaton Crescent – Jeep Programme
  • Construction of sidewalk - Great Street
  • Construction of curb & channel and road patching  - Hudson Street
  • Construction of V. drain – Hudson Street
  • Cleaning of earth drain in different communities.
  • Marling of road in different communities

C.D.F. Allocation

  • Construction of “U” drain Russia                  -      $500,000.00
  • Water pipes extension - New Town              -      $400,000.00
  • Back to school assistance 
  • Sugar Transformation Project 
  • Community Centre Playing Field and
  • Fencing  New Market Oval                          -      $10,000,000.00
  • Rehabilitation of New market Oval Community Centre
  • July – August & December assisted fifty two (52) students with holiday jobs.


  • General Bushing, Drain Cleaning, marling etc.  -- 6M approx. 


  • Bastard Cedar Walk Ph 1(CDF)                     3M
  • Bastard Cedar Walk Ph 2 (JEEP)                  4.6M
  • Shrewsbury H/S(CDF)                                  3M
  • Fort William - Welcome                               700,000.00
  • Hertford - Flower Hill                                    46M
  • Grange Sq - Friendship 


  • Middle Street                                                   $ 470,000.00
  • Palmer St., The Line, Roaring River
  •  Shrewsbury H/S                                              $ 480,000.00
  • Morass lane                                                     $ 70,000.
  • Freedom Street                                                $ 200,000.00
  • Pattersfield Cemetery                                       $ 70,000.00
  • Curb & Channel, Hertford (JEEP)                       $ 240,000.00
  • Retaining Wall, Williamsfield (JEEP)                 1M         


  • Williamsfield All Age roofing (JEEP) - 472,000.00
  • Friendship ECI - (CHASE)


  • Palmer St                                                   $ 228,989.63
  • Glade                                                         $ 178,011.67
  • Galas Gate                                                 $ 238,129.41 


  • INFRASTRUCTURE    (STU)                    70M
  • House Construction - Barracks Relocation 


  • Welcome                          -               $ 100,000.00
  • Williamsfield                      -               $ 100,000.00
  • Shrewsbury relief drain        -              $ 180,000.00
  • Galloway-Paradise (STU)                    $ 9.37 M 


  • Back - to - school                $ 500,000.00
  • Holidays work                      $ 300,000.00          


  • YEAR TO COME    
  • Repair to Roaring Park and Cave (TPDco)  12M
  • Roaring River Road
  • Welcome—Porters Mtn Road
  • Williamsfield Health Clinic (repairs and fencing)
  • Petersfield Health Clinic (painting and entrance drain)
  • Cane Road (Black Ant –Hertford) (STU)      3M
  • Gully (Naggo Town, Williamsfield)
  • Catchment Tanks (Bird Mtn. and Porters Mtn)
  • Electrical Lines (Thompson Lane, Freedom Street, The Line, Galas Gate 2)
  • Palmer Street Road
  • Content 1 and 2 Road 


  • Cleaning of River Courses in Wharf Road, Smithfield, Hatfield
  • Complete marling lower section of Wharf Road
  • Construction of curb & channel and u-drain- Wharf Road
  • Building up playfield - Wharf Road
  • Smithfield- curb & channel construction on Smithfield main road
  • Constructing sidewalk at Coke’s View Primary School
  • Extensive marling on Logwood Road-Whithorn
  • Construction of u-drain – Whithorn
  • Marling of Kenny Hill, Caledonia
  • Repairing  of Retaining wall-Frame Hill and Sutcliffe  Mountain
  • Construction of the entire retaining wall close to Whithorn
  • Building new drain, curb & channel 600m Waterworks
  • Asphalting a portion of the Basic School Road-Whithorn
  • Asphalting a portion of the Cornwall All Age School Road
  • To rehabilitate pond at Big Pasture for  water purpose
  • Trucking of water to drought stricken areas in the hilly terrains of the division
  • Lobbying with the NSWMA to collect garbage in the Mt. Stewart Cornwall Mountain area
  • Construction of  bus shelter at Ferris Primary. 


  • Parochial Revenue Fund (PRF)
  • Bushing                                    16,939 meters
  • Drain Cleaning                           5,175 meters
  • Box Bridge                                Retirement, Bluefields
  • Marling
    • Section of Auldayr Bottom Road
    • Section of Belmont in Blacks Bay
    • Section of Thatch Valley Road
    • Section of Murray Town road 

Constituency Development Fund (CDF)

  • Six hundred (600) meters of road way in Gordon Road, Whitehouse
  • Patching of Robbins River to Brighton and Retirement Road
  • Provide funding to Labour Day projects in Mearnsville, Whitehouse, Petersville and Kentucky. 

Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)

  • Patching and rehabilitation of 2.4 km of road in Left Hall Road- Work in-progress 

Rehabilitation Work   

  • New Roads Catchment Tank
  • Cedar Valley Catchment Tank
  • Belvedere Catchment Tank
  • Roads                           
    • Berkshire Repair
    • Ashton  Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • In communities in the Division: Killmarnock, Brountie, Cottage, Johnson, Cedar Valley, Ashton Division, Seaford Town, Belvedere, Lambs River, Reid  Mountain, York Mountain and Rose Hill.
  • Water was trucked to all parts of the Division.
  • July -  August- December  assisted twenty six (26) students in holiday jobs  


  • Patching from Content to Bog, Bog to Hopeton to Whithorn 
  • Patching part of Lennox Bigwoods from Maud McLeod High School into Lennox Bigwoods
  • Cleaning of drains all over the Division and bushing of road banks.


  • Enfield Primary Schools got new toilet as well as Chantilly Primary completed.
  • New Works is under construction for new toilet.
  • Expansion of a new wing at Darliston Health Centre.
  • At Chantilly Primary a hard court is being built.
  • Assistance to over 20 students with holiday job  during August and December 2012   


  • Resuscitation of the Cedar Grove Road (Phase 1)
  • Rehabilitation of the York to Lambs River Road (Phase 1)
  • Construction of 20 metres of U-Drain.
  • Cleaning and rehabilitation of all major drains.
  • Bushing of all major road ways.
  • Shaping, marling, and compaction of sections of Comfort Hall Road.
  •  Construction of retaining wall in St. Leonards.
  • Rehabilitation of the Argyle Mountain Catchment Tank.
  • Extension of water pipe line in Amity.
  • Trucking of water to drought stricken areas and areas without piped water
  • Repairs to over 40 malfunctioning street lights
  • Recommended over 50 persons for P.A.T.H and N.H.F
  • Provision of holiday employment to over 30 students
  • Back to school assistance for needy students.