Project Brief

The Westmoreland Municipal Corporation will develop a greenhouse farm for the Sheffield Agricultural Society to operate a seedling nursery and greenhouse sweet pepper and tomato production business on four (4) acres of land at Sheffield, Westmoreland. Development of the farm will include the construction of two 3000ft2 greenhouse to produce sweet pepper and tomato to supply the local hotel industry and hybrid seedlings to supply planting stock to other local farmers. A 100ft2 seedling nursery will be constructed to produce hybrid sweet pepper and tomato seedlings to supply planting stock to other local farmers. A packaging facility will be built to prevent post-harvesting spoilage and food contamination.

This project will enable the members of the Sheffield Agricultural Society to build their resilience to climate change impacts by improving their production through the use of greenhouse technology and hybrid crop that will result in higher market yields and profits, and crop resistant to pest and diseases. The project will also build the farmer's skills set, competence and understanding of climate change through field training in greenhouse technology and farm tours. It is anticipated that with increased yields and profit, the farmers will be better positioned to secure their long-term livelihoods through higher and more stable incomes.