Roles and Functions

Service Description Responsible Department How Financed Target Customer Groups
Approval of Building and Subdivision Evaluation and Assessment of Applications to ensure the proposed development fits within the parish development plan and zoning system. Planning Building and Subdivision Fees Land and Building owners and professionals involved in the development of land
Maintenance of Physical Infrastructure Provide maintenance services to: 
Parochial roads, drains and gullies, cemeteries, parks, minor water supply systems, markets, parochial buildings, street lights
Road and Works Parochial Revenue Fund
Govt. Subventions
User Fees
Citizens within the parish and users of such services
User Fee Management Process, collect and manage user fees for:
cemeteries, markets, bus parks
Accounts User Fees User of such services within the parish
Licensing Fees Management Collect, process and manage licensing fees:
Barbers, Hairdressers, Meat, Fish, Poultry, Butchers, Places of Amusement, Billboards, Advertisement, Vendors (ICT)
Finance and Accounts User Fees Users of such services
Infirmiaries and Welfare Services Provide and care for the old, indigent and issue out *dole* (Benefits given to the less fortunate in various communities) Infirmiary and poor relief Recurrent Budget and Subvention Indigent and persons falling within the poverty line, sick and unfortunate.