Safety and Security

The Local Government Reform agenda encourages Local Authorities in partnership with other stakeholders to assume the responsibility for Parish Safety and Security. Agencies and civil society groups and other stakeholders will be engaged in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and to accelerate development.

What is the Safety and Security Committee?
This is a local channel for facilitating, collaborating, coordinating, aligning and harmonizing the resources and actions in response to the safety and security needs of citizens in accordance with local and national policies, strategies and initiatives.

Why Safety and Security?
It’s every body’s business and we all need to make a change
Improve Safety and security of the parish
To strengthen governance by increasing citizen’s participation at the parish level
To facilitate partnerships, collaborations and consultations within the communities
To integrate and coordinate local and national strategies and resources to improve safety and security of citizens.

“All citizens needs to be involved and be a part of the process”

The Westmoreland Parish Safety and Security Committee continues to meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month. To date the committee has hosted a launch held in April within the Petersfield’s Community featuring the community group headed by Mr. Matthias brown. It is proposed that a similar occasion will be replicated throughout various divisions of the Parish. The location to experience the next Launching of the Safety and Security will be the Whitehouse Division.
The Ministry of Local Government along with the Westmoreland Parish Council also hosted a one day workshop which highlighted the topical issues that the committee could feature during its monthly deliberations namely safety audits and identification of safety issues. 

Updates of the Safety and Security Committee

  • Three Forums held to date.
  • Committee being instituted as a committee of Council.
  • Initial Launch held – Petersfield Community
  • Early Project finalized – Ramp for Disabled to be placed on Greta George Street
  • Counseling and Trauma Group activated
  • Regular updates from stakeholder groups e.g. Police and Child Development Agency