Poor Relief Department

The Poor Relief Department falls under the office of the Local Government, and has responsibilities to assist the destitute and alleviate poverty within the Parish.

Mission Statement
“To provide a stable, physical and spiritual environment for the best care of the poor, destitute and elderly indigent, by optimizing the resources of the state and voluntary sectors.”
The Poor Relief department provides two services they include, non-institutional care and institutional care. 
Care Service Offered
Monetary Assistance

Each Registered Poor receives monthly monetary assistance

Education Assistance
Registered Poor and persons temporarily in need gain benefits from school fees, examination fees (cxc), books, lunch, bus fare, and uniforms (including shoes, bags, etc).

Food & Special Needs
Food stuff is often distributed to needy persons, both registered and temporary poor. We salute Food for the Poor, other charitable organization and private individuals for their continuous support in this area.

Provision is made where necessary, for transportation to the hospitals and clinics

Bedding & Clothing
New items of clothing and foam are furnished to suit individual needs.

Medical Assistance
The Department assists with the purchase of drugs, pays hospital fees and provides optical and dental care for its clients and the temporarily poor, when necessary.

Monetary fund is granted to cover rental cost. Housing is also donated by Food for The Poor, various charitable organization and private entities

The Department assists those who cannot afford to pay the cost associated with burial.
Poor Relief Officers are trained counselors. Their services are offered to clients and other persons in need of this facility. The service is free, and is accessible to both Registered Poor and those temporarily in need.
“ Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.” Mother Teresa.