Invitation for Bid

The Clarendon Municipal Corporation now invites sealed bids from eligible CONTRACTORS for the proposed rehabilitation of Fernleigh Avenue and Love Lane in Clarendon.
The scope of works includes but not limited to reconstruction base, sub base drainage works, pavement upgrade including scarifying and placement of base and application of asphaltic concrete as wearing course.
It is mandatory that contractors be registered with the National Contracts Commission in the Category “General Road Works/Civil Engineering Works” Grade 4 and above. All bidders must be tax compliant at the time of the bid opening. Bidding will be in accordance with the tender procedures and guidelines specified in the Handbook of Public Sector Procurement Procedure.
Eligible bidders can obtain tender Documents as of Tuesday 20, March 2018, at the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, 3 Sevens Road, May Pen.
A non- refundable fee of $2500.00 is payable to the Cashier at the Clarendon Municipal Corporation
The tender/s along with the required documents i.e. valid NCC certificate of registration and a valid TCC and is required to be placed in a sealed envelope clearly labeled “Rehabilitation of Fernleigh Avenue and Love Lane ” and placed in the designated tender box provided, similarly marked and located in the lobby of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation offices at 3 Sevens Road May Pen Clarendon on or before 12: 00 Noon (local time) on Tuesday 3, April 2018.
Tender envelopes will be opened publicly in the presence of representative of any tenderer who wish to attend on Tuesday 3, April 2018 in the Council’s Chamber at the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, 3 Sevens Road May Pen Clarendon at 12:15 p.m.
After evaluation of these documents by the evaluating committee and subsequent referral to the appropriate authorities for approval, the successful contractor will be accordingly notified.

Submission deadline: 
Apr 03, 2018 - 12:00pm